Are You Shadow Dancing With Your Ancestors?

How Many of Your Present Day Patterns & Beliefs Could Be Inherited From Your Ancestors?

Change Your Ancestral Shadow Dance & Achieve Your Divine Potential

Is Your Financial Wealth & Success Measured By Ancestral Standards?

Could Your Ancestor's Limiting Beliefs The Reason You're Unable To Achieve Happiness & Joy?

Creating A New Reality By Resolving Your Past Life Ancestral Lineage

Ancestral Past Life Energetic Blocks

These can show up in every area of your life.  They consist of accumulated effects and traumas from past life spiritual experiences. I often see these types of blocks manifesting as issues and challenges.

Ancestral Lineage Programming

Until you have resolved your Ancestral & Lineage Patterns, Beliefs and Programs, every choice you make is tainted with a distorted energetic component. There is also accumulated affects from past life spiritual experiences of disappointment, despair and let down.

Love & Marriage Ancestral Beliefs

The Ancestral Programming and beliefs about women, love and marriage is filled with past lives where women were treated like possessions and the accumulated energetic imprints of their value was measured by how strong they were, how many children they could produce and whatever other duties they could perform.

Ancestral Past Life Belief Systems

Majority of Limiting Beliefs Are Not Yours & Are Your Ancestors’

The root cause you are unable to create your desires is most likely subconscious beliefs. What we believe in and then attach and invest energy to creates a strong potential of that belief manifesting in our experience. An example, A belief along with the energy of fear, creates what is feared. Beliefs become our perceptions, they then grow into judgments, which then create out reality. Our judgments create our reality, and not our reality creating our judgments.



Ancestral Patterns of Receiving

These beliefs and patterns of “being good enough”, “deserving” and “open to receiving” are the trinity of primary blocks to Abundance. They also include accumulated past life spiritual experiences with religious overtones. Specifically Religious Heart Vows like vows of poverty.

Fear of Failure Ancestral Beliefs

When you consider all of the historic disasters in our history, it is no wonder why we carry to some degree a deep rooted fear of disaster, failure and devastation. The other side of it could be accumulated effects of spiritual experiences where we were wealthy and were robbed, swindled or killed for it. Also let’s not forget our descendant’s energy that affects our fears.

Ancestral Karmic Imprinting

The accumulated effects of traumatic past life experiences is often a primary cause of loss of our inner strength and power to stand up for ourselves. This Karmic imprinting is often at the root of all forms of present life physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse. It is vital to have a healthy self esteem since it affects all areas of our life.

Ancestral Past Life Programming

Working with clients for years, in my experience, 95% of our present life issues, problems and major blocks and challenges have roots in our past live and Ancestral lineage. Past life Ancestral Programming and Patterns are an accumulation of events, experiences, traumas all stored in our Akashic Records, cellular memory and DNA.




A Spiritual View of Ancestral Lineage Clearing  

Many of us have lived many lifetimes.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between an Ancestral linage clearing and a past life or karmic clearing?
I perceive a very fine line between the two and often they are one in the same, except with a slightly different way I have learned to disentangle, delete & release them.

Releasing Ancestral Karma

There are many spiritual traditions teaching that the spirits of our ancestors being alive, well, and also having a major influence on the present. Eastern traditions, term it as “negative karma” and it is believed to be a recorded collection of traumatic experiences occurring & accumulating through many lifetimes.

Our Ancestor’s Karma

Consider that our ancestors did not possess more wisdom and were not necessarily more evolved or enlightened, than they were when they lived on Earth, but they’re still capable of having a profound positive or negative impact on our lives.

Their energetic imprints resides within all of us through our cellular memory and DNA, and also has the potential to influence us in our daily lives through their living collective consciousness.

When our ancestors lived their lives, they had their own experiences, beliefs, judgments, patterns, attitudes and desires that was the information that created their own Karmic imprinting. Also after their death, all of those energies were still present, but there was no longer a physical container by which to express them, since the soul was no longer in a physical human body on the physical plane.

I know from my spiritual experience and knowledge, that when our ancestors wish to fulfill their programming through their offspring (us), energetic imprinting & impingements are created. Is Spiritual Response Therapy, they are often termed Inherited Trauma.

Without our knowledge and awareness, and in this way, our ancestors are playing a huge role in our present life circumstances and in our present life experiences.

Their accumulated spiritual experiences and traumas affect us through this energetic imprint or impingement, and if these negative karmic patterns are not resolved, they continue to be passed down through the lineage to us and then to our offspring.

Consider how much influence all of this karmic energy has and the potential to create blocks, issues and challenges and more Karma, which ultimately limits our ability to express and actualize our true Spiritual Being and our inherit Infinite Potential.

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