Ancestral Monthly
Healing Transmissions

The “Divine Light Alchemy Healing Transmission”  is facilitated by Debi Rose and her Ascended Masters, Spiritual Committees &  Angels.

Every Month Platinum Members Will Receive…

This is a very special  part of your membership & I enjoy tuning in to all of you as I send this amazing energy from within my Quantum Vortex Scalar Energy Chamber.

The 2nd (Saturday) of every month, Platinum Members will receive a Divine Light Alchemy Healing
Transmission from me. It is my intention that this extra Divine Energy will give everyone the extra
energetic boost to actualize your desires into reality.

You are welcome to submit one request short that I will address for you during the Healing Transmission.

Time: 7:00 pm EST
Duration: Approx 30 to 45 minutes
Recommendations: If possible, just prior to the Transmission time, sit or lie down in a comfortable
position. Relax & take several deep breaths.
Also, remember to drink extra water during & after the transmission & activation