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Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Scalar Energy Enhanced
Ancestral Matrix Transformational Videos

Your Ancestral Matrix Membership gives you instant 24/7 Access to our huge library
of Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Scalar Energy Enhanced Transformational videos.

These videos also contain brainwave entrainment and binaural beats, so it is recommended
to use headphones while watching them, if possible.

Warning: Please DO NOT watch these videos while driving or operating equipment.

Each Modules contains a selection of Transformational Clearing, Releasing & Activation videos to address the Module’s main topic.

I recommend starting with the Releasing videos, then go to the Module that has any Issues or
Challenges you are currently experiencing.

Make it a priority to watch the “Blocks to Receiving” Video. In my experience many of us have
blocks to receive.

What ever is going on in your life, I have probably created a video to address it.
Please check them all out.  Enjoy.