Spiritual Family Reparenting


Releasing Statements & Healing Techniques

Spiritual Reparenting 

In shamanic terms, we are all part of the “web of life” that connects each one of us to each other and to the universe.
Our family, ancestors and lineage are part of our personal legacy, our path and our promise.  I perceive that overcoming ancestral or genetic limitations in our life has the potential to allow a person to achieve a strong sense of personal power and accomplishment.

My spiritual teacher, taught that what we clear and heal for ourselves, we also clear and heal for our ancestral lineage through our positive intentions to do so. What a blessing to everyone!

The techniques I have listed below are tools to use as often as necessary to clear and heal you relationship with your family.

Spiritual Releasing Statements

This is a simple tool to start with, when you desire to release a belief or thought form you perceive as an energetic blockage.

I release all belief, perception and judgment…….  (example – that my mother didn’t love me)

I release all need and desire to believe……………  (example – that my mother didn’t love me)

I now completely accept and believe, and instruct my subconscious to accept and believe on every level of my being….  (positive Statement – example – that my mother loved me)

There is no need for me to be in total control of my life at all times, because I am a perfect child of God perfectly protected.

Interesting Point of View, I Have That Point Of View

Our point of view creates our reality, not our reality creating our point of view. So by simply changing your  point of view, you will begin to shift your reality.
“Change the way you look at the world and the world will change.”    Wayne Dyer

Begin by saying the following statement.

Interesting point of view, I have that point of view about______.
(add my body, a person, a situation, an experience, comment, etc)

Take a deep breath and tune into the point of view you started with. If there is still some heaviness continue the process.
Keep saying it until you sense a lightness.  Also, it may require saying it 20 times or more.

This IPOV process is from training from Dain Heer’s book  “Being You, Changing The World” & Access Consciousness

Who does this belong to?

When you consider we are all psychic and are constantly picking up energy from others, this tool is especially beneficial to release a large variety of energy that wasn’t ours to begin with.

So if you perceive a thought, feeling or emotion, say “Who does this belong to?”
Do not look for the answer, that only allows the mind to add it’s judgment, just perceive lightness, that’s all.

If you perceive lightness then it isn’t yours and say “Return To Sender, With Consciousness.” 

Do this for every thought, feeling or emotion, pain, judgment, etc.
Who does this belong to,  also applies to bodies. Especially pain.
Sometimes if a pain still persists, it could be that the earth requires healing. In that case, simply send healing to the earth.

This Return To Sender process is from training from Dain Heer’s book  “Being You, Changing The World” & Access Consciousness.

Spiritual Reparenting

Take a several deep breaths and center, release all mental thoughts and judgments and simply enter into neutrality and access the space of your heart.

To reparent, repeat the following statements:

I release my belief, perception and judgment that my father/mother did not hold me, hug me, and love me every day until I was five.

I release my belief, perception and judgment that my father /mother did not  hold me, hug me, love me, and praise me every day until I was ten.

I release my belief, perception and judgment that my father/mother did not hold me. Hug me, love me and tell me how wonderful I was every day until I was fifteen.

I release my belief, perception and judgment that my father/mother did not hold me, hug me, love me and confirm me every day until I was twenty.

I release my belief, perception and judgment that my father/mother did not hold me, hug me and praise me every day of my life.

I release my belief, perception and judgment that my father/mother is not with me any time I need him/her to hold me, hug me, praise me, care for me, confirm me and tell me how wonderful I am.


Play with all of these releasing statements and consider adding other techniques like EFT Tapping, Hoʻoponopono   an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness and also remember to watch the Ancestral Forgiveness Video below.











Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Transformation & Acceleration Videos

These Unique Videos is one in our Quantum Vortex Series of Divine Light Alchemy, Energy Enhanced, Holographic, Multi-dimensional, Transformational Videos.

By incorporating the Divine Matrix Energy Enhancement, these Activations are capable of changing your relationship with your body to ultimately create a different possibility and accelerate whatever you desire to actualize into your reality.

I have also combined inaudible subliminal messages, frequencies, and our unique Divine Matrix Energy Enhancement, which will relax you and put you in a very dreamy, receptive state.

Warning: Please do not use while driving or operating machinery.

To receive the most beneficial results from this Divine Light Alchemy Energy Enhanced Video:

I recommend watching this Divine Light Alchemy enhanced video at least once a day. Preferably just before bedtime.

They possess a Divine Intelligence and are Self-Adjusting.  They continue to expand as your body releases dense energy & begins to hold more light, allowing all of the energetic shifts to occur in the most harmonious way for you.

With each viewing the accumulative effects promise to move you towards a higher level of consciousness.

Before you begin…

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
Relax and take several deep breaths.
Have water available to drink during and after watching.

Allow the Quantum Vortex, my words, music, and the enhanced energy of this video to flow all through-out your body. Sense the gentle energy enhancement transmuting & releasing all of your blocks & interference.

This Divine Matrix Energy is now clearing, transmuting and melting away any and all energetic points of view, judgments, and blockages, not congruent with the Quantum Vortex Transformation.

Allow yourself to enter into a relaxed state of gratitude peace & joy, totally open to receive all of the benefits from this Divine Quantum Vortex Transformation.

Allow yourself to be the generative energy, space and consciousness, you and your body can be, to be in total oneness and communion.

Please remain still for a few moments after you watch this video to fully absorb the Divine Energy and Quantum Vortex  Transformation you have received. Remember to drink extra water.


Debi Rose


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