Debi Rose Healing Essence Blends

Catalyst For Change

Debi Rose Healing Essence Blends
I had previously been using the Bach Flower Essences, and I always carried Rescue Remedy in my purse for unexpected emotional emergencies, so by adding other flower essence lines from around the world was a divine progression.

My intuition and spiritual guidance grew and not long after all of the amazing results with clients using my blends,
I was Divinely Inspired to create my own line of completely unique healing essence blends.

I began Alchemically blending Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Gem Essences and other forms of vibrational healing modalities, to assist with a long list of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues and challenges.

My signature “DebiRose Healing Essence Blends were born.

My blends include some of the finest Flower Essence lines from around the world, (England, North America, Australian, Machu Pichu, etc.) and Rasa Gem Essences.

When choosing essences, their location, folklore or historic use, frequency, along with their Doctrin of Signature, is what guides me to add them to my pharmacy.

I often do a complete upgrade of my essence blends and am guided to purchase new flower essences in order to match the new universal frequencies coming into the planet.

Several years ago, in preparation for the 2012 Mayan Shift, I completely reformulated my essence blends.

Incorporating 9X Structured Water

During the new formulation, I was also Divinely Guided to purchase a Water System that Structures water with the ability structure over & over multiple times.

The number 9 resonated with me and I perceive it corresponds with the new higher frequency of the flower & gem essences formulations I have created.

I am very excited to announce that all of my New Blends are now in 9X Structured Water.

Difficulties Breaking Free of 3D Density and Patterns

I also perceive the 9X Structure Water will assist many still having difficulty breaking free of the 3D patterns & density, thus allowing the new formulations to catilize & assist with quantum shifts to assist, balance and strengthen on a very deep spiritual, mental & emotional level.

Healing Flower Essences

Are You Ready To Achieve The Change You Desire?

My DebiRose Healing Essence Formulations will assist you to achieve the “Change” you desire in any areas of your life.

Maybe you have old patterns that you would like to Release once & for all.
I have created new formulations to assist in a long list of issues, like……….

“What Will It Take to Release Blocked Patterns of Abundance?”

“What Will It Take to Release Self-Judgement?

“What Will It Take to Release Grief?”

“What Will It Take to Release Financial Child Abuse?”

“What Will It Take to Release Confusion?”

These are just a few of the Blends I’ve been guided to create, there are many more.

Maybe you desire to bring in more qualities that will open things up for you, so you and Universal Source can actualize greater Happiness, Joy & Ease in your life.

“What Will It Take To Embrace Happiness & Joy?”

“What Will It Take To Embrace Peace & Tranquility?”

“What Will It Take To Embrace Change?”

Whatever you are looking for, I’m sure I have created a blend that will address it.