Actualizing Technique

New!  Debi Rose Divine Actualizing Technique

Those who have worked with me, already know that I often recommend the teachings
of many healers & their spiritual practices, in order to align with the highest vibrations
in order to actualize desires & targets.

I continue to study new systems, and I have integrated what I learned into my
healing & clearing sessions I do with clients.

One of the many new things I have changed for myself, is the way I now do
my actualize process.

I have not stopped following “Abraham’s teachings, and I still find value in the
Law of Attraction, however, since I am now aware of a multitude of additional
items necessary to clear, along with viewing old ways differently, it was imperative
that our actualizing process be updated. I like to consider it a new software version upgrade.

I will now share with you what I have changed and why I believe it will enhance everyone’s
abilities to actualize quicker.

What I now do differently.  

My prep has always used the term “Command”  vs  “Ask”.   I changed this several years ago.
The reasoning was to separate me from any possible issues with regards to deserving whatever
I ask for.

I had also been using the word affirm or affirmation, which I have now changed to declare &
declarations. I like this because it also addresses any blocks to deserving issues.

Why and what’s the difference between them?
I now declare my desire or goal in a positive phrase. Yes, I know you’re thinking, but that
still sounds just like an affirmation.  Please follow along and I will show you there is a major difference.

When stating affirmations, your intention is to affect your reality, to assert a statement or
idea that you maintain is truth, through the conscious mind.
However, the conscious mind is just a very small fraction of your reality!

The non-conscious blockages that aren’t addressed in the affirmation process is one of the
primary reasons affirmations often don’t work effectively. Several examples of non-conscious
areas that can negatively affect the manifestation of your affirmations,
which when working on clients, I now check & clear, are:
The subconscious mind, your Spirit or Soul, Soul programming and the collective consciousness.
Many or all, often hold objections.
Also, let’s not forget past life programming, fears, memories, ancestors, energy meridians,
neural pathways, and your cat or dog, all of which can also just as easily affect reality as your
conscious mind can, when you’re saying an affirmation.

Your Declaration, accompanied with my new clearing process gets around all that.
It instantly connects you, because we will be affecting all dimensions of body,
mind & spirit, not just the conscious level.

This Divine technique is much more powerful than reciting simple
affirmations or positive thinking.

Divine  Actualizing Instructions

Step 1.  Get Centered
Please enter into a calm, neutral & centered state of mind.
Use whatever technique or practice that resonates with you.
Many use chanting, deep breathing  or watching my
Divine Light Alchemy Transformational Videos.

Step 2.  Declare Your Desire or Goal

Briefly focus on your declaration, state your goal as a declaration,
using a single word, phrase, or simple sentence. Frame it positively,
in terms of what you want, not what you don’t want.  Keep it as simple
as possible.
If there are multiple aspects to your goal, write them down as
separate declarations.
Speak it out loud or silently state it to yourself.
(Please see Creating your Divine Declarations below.)

Step 3. 
 Release It & Then Get Neutral.

Once you release your declaration to the universe, shift your focus away
from your Divine Declaration and all of the issues, thoughts & emotions,
and any objections surrounding it. Stop focusing on it, stop thinking about it,
or experiencing it.  It is vital to now go into a neutral state,
where you become non-attached to the outcome.

Step 4. Tune In & Feel Your Energy 

Take notice whether you feel weak or strong.  Tuning in will show you whether
you are connected or disconnected to your declaration.
If a particular declaration creates a weakness in your energy or possible
uneasy feeling, you are disconnected from your declaration on some level.
Don’t be alarmed, it just means that you have blocks that need to be cleared.
You may want to consider scheduling a session with me. While working with clients,
I have an indepth checklist with well over 200 items, that I check & clear
when blockages are triggered during actualizing.

If you feel a surge of power or strength, you are connected to your declaration.
Congratulations! You are vibrating with your desire!

Step 5. Evaluate & Compare
Tune in to your declaration, or your desire. How does it feel right now?
Tune into it this very moment, as opposed to how it felt before,
or how it usually feels.  As you continue to do Divine Declarations,
tune in, notice, evaluate & compare. How you feel now, as compared
to how you felt before.

Tune into your physical, mental and emotional bodies and
any changes right at this moment. Evaluate & observe the changes
that happen over time regarding your Divine Declarations.

If you’re not satisfied with the improvement and you are working
with me, contact me and let me know what you’re feeling.
Don’t worry, I will clear what’s blocking you to shift your energy and
increase your connection to your desire or goal.

Step 6 Awareness & Acknowledgment and Non-attachment to Change
Continue to be aware of the shifts and changes manifesting in your life
over the next few minutes, days, weeks and months. Learn to recognize and
acknowledge the effects of shifting your energy. Some changes are very
subtle and some can be major transformations. Learn to become neutral to
how much change, and what kind of change.
Also, be OK with no change. When you experience a difference, don’t be surprised,
energy shifts always cause some kind of change.

Also, become aware, acknowledge and always appreciate the difference,
no matter how small or large. Even if you notice zero tangible change,
be grateful and be okay with that. Enjoy the sense of non-attachment to change.
Know that it’s just a matter of finding the right energy shifts, and with
perseverance and awareness, you will soon be able to sense a difference
in the energy. Please remember to appreciate the fact that you’re
able to ask the question is there a change? Just think of the times when
you accepted and assumed that change wasn’t even possible, and be
thankful for your new knowledge that you now do have the possibility to change.

Creating Your Divine Declarations

Create a Divine Declaration for any desire, goal or new project.
Just think of what you desire to manifest & create a declaration for it.
It is vital that it is 100% positive.  Bear in mind that the universe doesn’t
know the difference between a “want” and a “don’t want”,
so your declaration must be phrased 100% in the positive.

Also, avoid negative declarations that sound positive, example
“I want to stop being so financially broke all the time”, instead, transform
that thought into your desired outcome, “I have more than enough
money to pay all my bills effortlessly.

Keep your Divine Declarations short, one idea per declaration.
Avoid long and complex declarations with many clauses and ideas.
Instead, break it down into several simple declarations with one idea each.

For example, instead of ”I lose weight easily, by eating healthier and exercising
more,” break up each component of your goal and create its own declaration.
“What would it take to  release weight easily”, “I exercise easily,” “I enjoy exercising”,
“I enjoy eating healthy foods”, “ I am positively motivated to make healthy choices.”
Try simplifying your Divine Declarations down to simple,
basic components.  Instead of I am ready to change for the better you can use”
ready to change” or even “change.”

Reverse your declaration.  This will help you become neutral to both
aspects of a declaration. Try turning your declaration around,
get neutral or non-attached to its opposite.   For instance, after you
declare with “I lose weight easily” turn your declaration around to
“I gain weight easily”, and “I don’t lose weight easily.”

This is where my clearing assistance will really enhance your declarations.
Declaring reversals and turnarounds of a goal may actually weaken
your energy field, so my clearing can determine if they do and clear & correct you.

Change your declarations often.  Your general desire or goal may state the
same but your declarations about it may change from day to day.
Get creative and play with your declarations, varying refining or expanding them.

Also, remember to keep them applicable to the energy in the moment, rather than
the energy when you began. Stay tuned in to how the situation has shifted.
If while stating your declaration, it begins  to feel  stale or maybe ritualistic, stop using
it and create a new one.

It’s not useful to hang on to all your old declarations that used to work well,
but have stopped feeling meaningful, it’s better to create a new divine declarations
from the energy state you are presently in that applies to the present moment.
I consider this a vibrational calibration.

Please always remember that the target of this energy work is to be connected
with wholeness in general, and with your Divine Declarations specifically.
When you are aligned multi-dimensionally, there are no blockages, issues or
separation between you and wholeness, between you and your goal, and  between
you and the manifestation of your declaration.

I hope, by sharing my New Debi Rose Divine Actualizing Technique, it has inspired
you to create your own Divine Declarations & empower you to Actualizing your Divine Desires.

Love, Gratitude & Joy,
Debi Rose