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Divinely Designed For Ancestral Matrix Platinum Members Only!

Quantum Vortex Monthly Programs

Discover The Divine Alchemy of Spiritual Healing, Quantum Vortex, Scalar Matrix
& AH Codes Activations Special Value Offer!

 Debi Rose “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Scalar Matrix Ongoing Programs

Experience the most comprehensive Transformational Program on the planet offering Monthly Ongoing, Quantum Level Advanced Spiritual Energetic Clearing, Correcting, Ah Code Activations, Healing, & Spiritual Restructuring & Realignment Sessions.

Specifically Designed for the clients that require more energy healing attention for sustainable results.

This is an Advanced, Intensive Premium Monthly Program of “Divine Light Alchemy” Spiritual Clearing, Transmuting, Disentangling, Re-alignment, Healing and Coaching.

This is Our Most Powerful Transformational Experience Due to it’s Ongoing Quantum Energy Program.

The “Divine Light Alchemy” Monthly Program Includes:

This Consulting, Ongoing Clearing & Healing Package offers a Unique Blending of Very Powerful Spiritual & Vibrational Systems of Healing Performed on You for a Period of 30 days.

The “Divine Light Alchemy” Ongoing Clearing & Consulting Program consists of my personal Debi Rose, one on one, phone consultation which includes my unique “Divine Light Alchemy” blend of Spiritual Healing, Quantum Vortex, Scalar Matrix & AH Codes Activations, Guidance & Counseling. One 60 Minute Phone Session per each month.

A Divine Alchemical Blending of The Following Modalities, Systems & Methods

“Divine Light Alchemy ” Quantum Vortex Scalar Matrix Indepth Clearing on One person.
“Divine Light Alchemy” Spiritual Physical Body Healing Balancing & Restructuring
The Clearing, Releasing & Removal of Discordant Blocking Energies & Entities.
New 2016 Indepth Ancestral Karmic Clearing
“Divine Light” Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Ascended Masters & AH Codes Activations.
Emotion Code, Theta Healing, Soul Retrieval, Repatterning, Clearing, & Activation
Archetypal Pattern Clearing, Balancing & Healing
Advanced Chakra Therapy
Elementals Energy Clearing, Balancing & Healing
Matrix Energetics
Chinese Energetics – (Yuen Mastery)
Access Consciousness
Access Bars – Running Bars Energy (depending on the person and the issue, they may be run nightly.
MTVSS Healing Sessions
Quantum Lightweaving
Longevity & Health Recommendations

This exceptional Monthly Program is designed as a program for those clients who are working through extreme personal challenges that require an extended period of clearing, healing, monitoring & coaching.

Please note in order to receive this level of Divine Light Alchemy clearing, healing & transmutting work, it is highly recommended that you be committed to invest a minimum of a Three (3) month program.

This “Divine Light Alchemy” Program is for ONE person.

Monthly Clearing Program
Price $895.00

This is an Incredible Value when you consider the price of my 3 day sessions are $350. and with this session you are receiving my ongoing energy for a full month.