Ancestral Matrix Program

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Actualize Your Divine Dreams at Your Own Pace.

Stay current and keep your skills sharp

– Learn innovative and productive Spiritual Teachings & Techniques

– Access online transformational videos, 24/7

– Video instruction by recognized Spiritual teacher & experts

– Gain confidence and Actualize your Dreams into Reality

– Stop, rewind, replay videos as often as necessary


3 Different Monthly Plans


Choose the Plan That Fits Your Unique Needs.

No long-term commitment

Divine Light Alchemy Divinely Inspired & Very Unique Content

Monthly Healing Transmissions & Activations

Access to Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Scalar Energy Transformational Video Library

Debi Rose Exclusive Ancestral Clearing, Release & Peacemaking

Advances Soul Mastery Clearing & Healing Videos

Debi Rose Exclusive Divine Consciousness Clearing & Healing Videos

Access to Transformational  Audios & Ebooks

New Divine Light Alchemy Transformational Videos added monthly

24/7 Anytime access





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